Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring

Get comfortable and affordable cork flooring for your home!

Simpsons Flooring in Kitchener, Ontario offers eco friendly cork flooring

Cork is one of the most comfortable and environmentally friendly flooring choices available. Cork floors are produced using the cork oak trees bark, which grows back completely within three years.

Cork flooring has natural elasticity that makes the floors especially comfortable to walk on. If you or any family members suffer from allergies, cork is the best flooring choice available, it is moisture resistant and antimicrobial. It also naturally resists mold, mildew and common household pests.

The cork oak bark also contains a waxy waterproof substance called suberin that is an insect repellant and protects cork from fire. If burned, it will not release any harmful gasses. Cork flooring provides excellent sound insulation and generally reduces noise.

Call or visit Simpsons Flooring in Kitchener Waterloo, Ontario today for more information and pricing on cork flooring!

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Last Updated On: January 19, 2017
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