In-Floor Heating

In-Floor Heating

Efficient and comfortable home heating!

Simpsons Carpet and Flooring Centre in Kitchener, Ontario specializes in heated flooring

Heated floors bring comfortable living to a new level! In-floor heating, also known as hydronic heating, generates an even heat throughout your home, unlike traditional heating systems which blow heat through air ducts. Because in-floor heating does not rely on ductwork or radiators, you will not need to install any or take up additional space in your room.

Essentially, your floors become your radiators, as you will always feel the heat through the floor everywhere in your rooms. In-floor heating is cleaner than traditional heating systems that blow dusty air around, and will reduce the chance of possible allergic reactions by not disturbing dust.

Additionally, in-floor heating are affordable to install, and provide financial perks such as adding value to your home as a premium heating method. Available for a variety of floor surfaces such as tile, hardwood and stone, any type of room can utilize the in-floor heating solutions.

Get the dream home you've been wanting for years - today! Simpsons Carpet and Flooring Centre specializes in planning and installing in-floor heating systems for homes in the Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario area. Call today to learn more about our heated flooring services!

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Last Updated On: October 10, 2017
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